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Insights into & Preparing for Surfcamp

Camp is from 9-3pm, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tues & Thurs are
non-camp days
(good time to rest and rejuvenate).

We are located at Moonstone Beach in Westhaven/Trinidad, CA and
set up at the south end of the Moonstone Beach parking lot.

Note re Summer 2021: all staff, participants and parents of Moonstone Beach
Surfcamp required to wear masks in parking lot and on the beach

***We provide all the hard equipment and the kids are to arrive at 9 in the morning
with their wetsuits half way on & warm shirt/sweatshirt on their upper body. Their
beach bag, tub or 5 gal bucket (to put wet wetsuit in at end of the day) should include
lunch, water bottle, hat, sunscreen, towel and change of clothes for the end of the
2021 Summer, kids will also need to bring own face mask and hand sanitizer
(building healthy habits:)

Kids will be waiting with the instructors on the beach until checked out by parent or
guardian at 3 pm***

Tuesday and Thursday are non-camp days. Their homework during on non-camp
days is create a piece of surf or ocean art to bring and share on Friday and also
watch a surf movie. Some fave titles include:
Endless Summer
Endless Summer 2
Step Into Liquid
Riding Giants
Follow the Sun
Soul Surfer
Surfs Up
Blue Hawaii-Elvis
Gidget and Moondoggy

Friday is our lunch luau for the kids and we encourage them to wear floral beach
attire, crazy sun hats and if able, contribute a homemade sweet or savory item to
share (approx 10  small servings). Bring normal lunch on Friday and then the kids
can enjoy shared items too. NOTE: SUMMER 2021-WE WILL NOT BE HOSTING or
SHARING FOOD (see below for remainder of health & safety protocols)

**for lunches and at luau, we encourage to do our best to create low-to-no single-use
plastic waste**

(Afternoons from 200-300pm on Wednesday and Friday are great times for parents
to come to the waters edge to take photos or don a wetsuit and join the kids in the

Here is a list of Summer 2021 Humboldt County Health Department, Health and
Safety protocols (3rd edition, might be revised as HCHD requires) for child care
related business’ that we ALL parents/kids/staff need to read, agree and practice:

1) All staff get a clear Covid test result. Also recommended for all participants.
Redwood Acres is offering free Covid testing:
. Visit or call 888-634-1123 to schedule an appointment.

2) Parents to take their kid(s) temperature each morning before camp, making sure
they do not arrive with any fever or flu-like symptoms 97-99 degrees in normal, above
is feverish)

3) Staff, participants and parents required to wear masks in the parking lot and on
the beach at all times. Staff, participants and parents to maintain 6ft physical
distancing when in parking and beach areas.

4) Kids will work in same pods group of 6-12  with the same 2 instructors all week
(this is to be able to do CoVid tracking, if necessary).

5) Kids and staff will always wear masks when in their pod groups, unless they are
eating lunch and 6 ft physical distancing is maintained.

6) Staff and kids will not be wearing masks in route to the ocean or while surfing and
will maintain 6+ ft physical distancing during these aquatic activities.

7) Before camp, with parents help, kids will arrive with sunscreen, wetsuit and
booties on. At the end of the day, parents agree to arrive by 2:55pm to assist their
kids in wetsuit removal. Or the kids have to be sunscreen, wetsuit and bootie self-
reliant as instructors will limit close-contact assisting this summer.

8) During morning, lunch and game time, in and out of the water, masks and physical
distancing required.

9) Kids and Staff will not share any food or beverage with anybody. Our luau will not
involve food or beverage this summer :(

10) Kids will bring their own sanitizing gel to camp and use it before and after
touching sport equipment (ie Frisbees, paddle game rackets, boogie and surfboards
etc) Kids will also wash their hands at sanitizing station before lunch.

All parents/kids/staff agree to the above, as we all understand following the above is
vital to the success of surf camp and health/safety of all its participants and staff. All
parents understand the inherent risks of this current time, release Moonstone Beach
Surfcamp completely and assume ALL responsibility for sending their children to
summer camp with other children and staff.
Moonstone Beach Surfcamp
& Good Reminders'
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