To reserve a space in one of our
summer camps or for a private
individual or group lesson,  please
pick up the conch shell and contact
us today at
When you are feeling like you
want to pout, just
let go and paddle out.
Private & Small Group Lessons
At Moonstone Beach Surf Camp, our male and female instructors enjoy
sharing their passion for the waves and are available to teach. So if you
are ready to drop in and go with the flow....

We offer our 2.5 hour surf lesson and we will get you standing and if you
have prior surfing experience, we provide keys  time-tested tips & insights
that could get you popping up and riding better than ever.

Cost is $100/person and includes board, the instructor and 2.5 hours
of guided instruction with the final half 1/2 hour being your time to free
surf while we keep a safe eye on you

We dont provide wetsuits, so Wetsuit rental/sales available at:
-The Shop in Arcata (707) 822-2248
-Pacific Outfitters in Eureka (707) 443-6328
-HSU Center Activities (707) 826-3357
-or only to buy from Saltys Surf and Tackle in Trinidad (707) 677-0300

Note: we are not always able to offer private and small group lessons
due to busy schedule of surfcamps or being out of town.
If you leave us a voicemail with your contact info and we are in town,
we will do our best to provide a lesson for you OR relay your message
to other surf instructors in our area.

For more information and to reserve a morning or afternoon lesson, please call