To reserve a space in one of our
summer camps or for a private
individual or group lesson,  please
pick up the conch shell and contact
us today at
It only takes 5 to write a small
letter to help the planet thrive.
The Bigger Picture
We are happy to actively support these agencies. One way we do

Please scour their websites and get involved however you can.

This organization is selling bracelets and every bracelet
purchased = 1 lb of plastics collected/ recycled by the 4 Ocean
teams working in 27 countries so far.

How "green" is surfing?
Click here on this link to better
understand surfing's carbon footprint in today's world.

We also have some local positive projects happening such as
'Loving the Little River' which involves water quality monitoring
and educating landowners who are adjacent to the Little River
(which empties at Moonstone Beach). So if you are interested in
getting involved in our local environmental projects, contact
Jeffrey. (707) 834-3428